Welcome to Driklux

In China, Guangzhou(Canton) City is a large manufacturer base and trade centre.
Our company has been established in guangzhou for eight years,For eight years Our Driklux brand products sales many country
driklux products, including automatic watch winder box,watch box,jewelry boxes,watch roll,watch poush and watch safe etc.
For many years Our company has been focusing on the R & D, production and sales of watch winder.
so we experienced R & D team,We develop new products every year and also ODM/OEM for our customer.To meet growing customer demand
In terms of production,we produce base on ISO9001-2000 quality-monitoring system.Strengthen the management of the quality of product and service to ensure the products quality.
On the other hand, we set about the marketing strategy, products combination, market channel association in order to get more efficient enterprise strategy resources and entry into a continuous healthy developing orbit.
At the same time, we will apply the ERD management system overall that conformity inner management resource.The reason we have success today should thanks to all Golden friends and customers who always care and support us.
To meet the popular different needs, establish a well known brand in mattress field is our source of power.Management personnel and all staffs make a joint effort with the vigorous support from all friends, Golden will certainly to win a glorious victory!

We promise to deliver our products and services with our highest quality standard.

Why choose us

Product Innovation & Diversity of Cooperation

  • Able to collect a large number of market feedback from front-line consumers every day to ensure that our products lead the market.
  • Open and share, and multiple ways of cooperation are available, including brand a gency, OEM, ODM, wholesale and one-click distribution.

Product Quality & Delivery Cycle

  • Six years of professional production and manufacturing capacity to ensure the quality of products.
  • Complete supply chain system to ensure delivery cycle.

Price Advantage

  • Our partner for many years and large-scale parts procurement make our cost lower than peers.

Communication Efficiency

  • A professional team with six years of communication experience and marketing experience with front-line sellers.

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